03 June 2012

Project 366: May

The year is nearly halfway over already, yikes! While the city continues to make up its mind on what season it is, here is what my May looked like:

Project 366: May

It looks like not much went on in May, yet when I go through each photo, a lot happened. I'm not sure what it is about the photos I chose to take that make a productive month look a bit sleepy.

My favorite shot from the month… I just love everything about this moment:

144/366: NITE MOVES

23 May 2012

Spotted this on a midday coffee run with Lucy, Alex, Matt and Jena. Reminds me of Nightcall though, and makes me want to leave work entirely to watch Drive.

We don't do coffee runs very often these days; there used to be one every single day at around 4PM in 2009. There is something about the small group of close friends who all decide to take a break from thinking so hard all day and saunter to the coffee shop talking about anything and everything. And everyone stands around outside one by one, until all of the orders are ready and we can saunter back. I was idly standing around and thinking about nothing in particular, and saw that little scribble on a rusty fence post, and it was the perfect shot. Since starting Project 366, that deliberate, "This will be my picture for today" feeling has eased in to dilution; so when it does happen, I get more excited about the project than usual.

Some May highlights: My Kazu turned nine. I tiptoed through a shared workspace building that looked like a very huge, lofted junk closet, to find myself standing right in front of a beautiful baby blue old piano with an open front – strings and action exposed. I saw Chairlift. I celebrated Gautam's birthday at a small pizza place in Brooklyn. I went to Redbank, New Jersey for a day and walked around without thinking about Real Life. I learned a little more about physical computing. I celebrated Leila's 30th with all of the old school Naked crew during a four-hour lunch that blew an entire afternoon. I saw Battle Royale on the big screen. I flew to San Francisco and back in 24 hours. I had my second In-N-Out of my life (and treasured every moment).

See? A lot happened.

Till next month! (Hopefully sooner).

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