10 August 2012

Project 366: July

Hello again. Here's July in pictures - much more energy, visually, this time!

Project 366: July

Here's the highlight photo; timing worked out really well here (I say timing because I was in a moving car, flying down the FDR) --

191/366: Welcome home.

191/366: Welcome home.

9 July 2012

Our drive back from Montreal took less time than the one up; we stopped at some small town in upstate NY for pulled pork sandwiches halfway through. Driving down the FDR, I saw the Empire State Building peeking out from behind another, next to the sunset. Definitely bittersweet.

I had only intended to shoot the Empire State Building, but If you read the comments, you'll see that it was very close to Manhattanhenge (July 12th). A fortunate accident – the sun looked even more on fire than it usually is.

Here are two others I really liked from the month; coincidentally both from Instagram --

185/366: sherbet Baby-G
I just found out yesterday that this year is GShock's 30th birthday. Which, as Hodinkee says, is "the only digital watch that matters."

198/366: iPad case as clutch
My favorite fashion blogger, Ivania, first brought this vinyl iPad case to my attention (inspired by furoshiki, or Japanese cloth wrapping) as a clutch (post here). Couldn't resist ;)

Ok, phew I'm caught up. Here are some July highlights: I saw 4th of July fireworks from a sick rooftop in Williamsburg. I went to Montreal for a long weekend. Had imported Czech absinthe, prepared the proper way. Met my pen pal, Julie, for the first time. (I should stop calling her my pen pal and just refer to her as my friend from now on. It feels more official somehow, now that we've met). Saw Patricia Field in front of her store on the Bowery. Flew to Cleveland again. Had a delicious sour Belgian beer. Flew to San Jose again. Had phenomenal fish tacos and Thai food while there. Celebrated two years with Mister Cellar Door at a whiskey bar. Saw Mice Parade in a very small (venue and crowd) environment. Cooked a meal for maybe the 2nd time since I've lived in this apartment ;)

That's all for now. See you sooner than next month; I have a bunch swimming around in my mind and don't want to lose it!

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