30 July 2006

the world is flat

I wrote a piece for my portfolio about my respect for technology and how it's changing the way we interact with the world. Things happen to me every day that support the "flattening of the world" thing.

Today I am meeting a girl named Christie for lunch at PF Chang's. She recently moved to a town about an hour north of me, to become a nanny. She knows nobody in this area, and there apparently isn't much to do in Spotsylvania, VA. So, she's driving down and we're having lunch. Her employers (I can't think of a cuddlier word for "the kids she nannies for's parents") were so happy that she was meeting people that they gave her their credit card, and lunch for the two of us is on them.

I wouldn't be having lunch with her if it weren't for the way the Internet brings people together. I've been friends with her sister, Blair, for about three years on LiveJournal (we met in a music band's community). Blair, knowing that I lived in Richmond, asked me if I wouldn't mind e-mailing her sister Christie with some suggestions of fun things to do in Richmond /this general area. And now we are having lunch today. This might sound weird to some, but not me - I've been meeting people off the Internet since early high school (no creeps (well, maybe one) - my parents closely monitored all of this).

I will end this post now, because it would become too fuzzy & squishy.
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