31 October 2006


Dylan Trees instant messaged me today, demanding a blog update. So here I am, making one. He told me that I would move down on his list of read-blogs! I often feel guilty about not updating every day. Sometimes I make five posts in one day because my mind won't stop, and other times I don't think I am interesting enough. Still other times, I am simply too busy and don't have the time. Last week I worked something like 65 hours!

Speaking of last week (at least I think it was last week), I hung out with Noah, and we were talking about how stressful it is when we don't feel we're updating enough, but that we're the only ones who bring the stress upon ourselves. Maybe Dylan Trees IMing me today is a unique case, because I can't conceive of anybody noticing when I don't post.

Happy Halloween, guys. The photo is of what the young man and I are going to dress up as tonight: Noodle and 2D from Gorillaz.

19 October 2006

Let's have a debate.

Okay. Account Planners. Are they born, or are they made?

I was always of the opinion that we are born. naturally always curious (preferably a wide-eyed, childlike curiosity), intuitive, hungry for stuff, anything, good at distilling thoughts down and telling stories. Yes, at a place like Adcenter (or an agency) you can refine these skills and guide them in a wonderful direction, but I don't think you can just pluck anybody off the street and teach them how to be a planner.

A friend of mine disagrees. This all started when they told me that I cannot call someone who is still in school for planning an account planner - they are only a wannabe planner (wow) until they are hired and can officially hold that title somewhere. They said that the same goes for actors - you can't call yourself an actor unless you have had a gig first.


18 October 2006


An email I sent to everyone at Naked NY:

Dear everyone -

This Friday is Likemind 4. I went to the last one, and it was so much fun. I promise it's great, even at 8.00am. I am not a morning person, and walked out of that thing inspired and ready to write and think and be productive. You get to meet all sorts of awesome people and talk about anything + everything. Your photo will get on the Internet, too. bloggers unite!


xx Johanna

To add to this, there is a San Francisco one happening this Friday as well, at 8.00am West Coast time. I urged my friend Jay (a brilliant art director at BSSP) to attend that one.

17 October 2006

Dylan Trees wins!

My wholehearted congratulations to Dylan Trees, who wrote the winning entry for Russell Davies's post of the month contest for September. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? It's spectacular, it's about archetypes, it's proudly hosted on my blog. I have gone banner-happy, posting the banner on my sidebar, on the entry itself, and now you can see it again, right here. I have to make this clear though: I didn't write this entry. Please send all praise (and free fruit baskets and champagne) to Mr. Trees himself.

13 October 2006

Buy my Death Cab ticket!

This morning, I bought a ticket to see Death Cab for Cutie @ Madison Square Garden on Thursday, 9 November, 8.00pm.

I found out a few hours later that it's the same night as the Naked New York launch party.

I'm going to buy a ticket for Wednesday instead.

Now, since Ticketmaster does not give refunds or switch dates (or list this show on their exchange beta site), I would like to sell my ticket.

The base price was $39.99, and with fees /taxes it came to $53.85. Make me an offer!

It is an e-ticket, so all you would need to do is give me your email address and be able to open the .pdf. print it out and you're done!


Audrey, or Dick?

06 October 2006

Lee Jeans ads

Lee Jeans Lolita 8
Originally uploaded by Duet G..
I just read in AdFreak that these ads for Lee Jeans in Australia were deemed to be inoffensive, despite complaints. Click on the photo to see some more (is that Terry Richardson?). Gee I wonder where they got this idea from.

05 October 2006

I am not dead!

I have been scarce as of late - super busy at work. It also means I haven't had as much time to read all of your blogs. I'm sorry! I really should allocate an hour or so every morning (instead of screwing around with Myspace or my email) to do this, and then an hour before I go home for the night.

The main thing I'm working on now deals with writing up case studies of revolutionary brands. It's so fun, especially since I love all of the ones I'm working on, and summarizing their stories is very inspiring. I haven't written this one yet, but one I am very excited about is Method - a brand I have loved for quite some time. They took the most boring category (household cleaning products) and took a completely different spin on it. people against dirty. how simple but revolutionary! The design definitely helps, as well as the green approach they take. Did you know that they have a blog, too? I immediately put it on my RSS.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. ...hi.

EDIT | This brand keeps on amazing me! Read my comments section. Thanks Gunther, you're wonderful.
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