07 June 2007

Benoît Pioulard.

I have talked about Benoît Pioulard before, and I will talk about him again. My friend Soraya put a song of his on a winter mix CD for me last December. It instantly became my favorite track on the disc, and I had it on repeat for weeks. I bought his album (which happens to be on Kranky - excellent) from iTunes; now it's my most-played album (yes, still). I probably annoy everybody at Naked playing this thing.

He's not just a musician; when I was in Ohio for Memorial Day Weekend, Benoît posted a Bulletin on MySpace selling some Polaroid sets he had put together. I was lucky enough to respond quickly enough to get one of my top choices, which is (I am proud to say) the one from his splash page.

I just - much to my nextdoor neighbor's chagrin - nailed it to my wall last night. Now I see it every morning when I wake up. It reminds me of my childhood in Puerto Rico.

Thank you, Thomas.
[ that's Gnocchi sitting in the corner ]

Benoît Pioulard | official site
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