15 July 2007

summer in Brooklyn

Heron once said that since we don't have backyards here, we go on the roof. I keep thinking about that, especially on weekends this summer. Thomas, Alex and Jess had some people over to their roof in South Williamsburg yesterday. Riding my bike there was glorious - Tony and I sped down Kent Avenue without a care in the world.

getting a taste for what we would see:


Going up the stairs in the converted factory made me feel like I was in a gore movie like Hostel. Finally we looked up and saw light.

gore set 5

Climbing through the tornado-style doors (?) brought us to this:


I couldn't stop spinning around uncontrollably, looking at this view from all angles. I couldn't believe it. I would take this over a backyard any day. There was delicious food (Chuck made spicy Thai chicken wings! my god), great friends (and some new ones), lots of French-speaking and the spiced smell of summer.

Austin, Satish, Paul

I thought I couldn't have been happier, but then the sun started setting.

color gel

The party continued well into the night, and Alex brought up string lights and watermelon.


Arthur took this.

I hope every weekend is like this from now on.

wa wa wee wa.
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