27 March 2008

Tristan Perich @ Whitney

This is part 4 in a mini blog series: Smaller Versions Of What I Had Planned. I can't let all of the "to blog" ideas that I had floating around in my head disappear, even if they may be irrelevant by now. Here's a brief rundown of stuff I saw & went to that I had to go back six pages in my Flickr stream to reference.

I have written about my friend Tristan before... well, on leap day I went to see a Big Deal at The Whitney. It was part of Whitney Live ("Fun, bold and unpredictable, Whitney Live showcases an eclectic variety of cutting-edge performers").

Whitney Live

Tristan's email prior to the event read (this is much better than a description I could give):
This solo evening at the Whitney Museum will feature three compositions of mine for ensemble with 1-Bit Music accompaniment: "Active Field" for 10-violins and 10-channel 1-bit music, as well as two brand new premiers. These works explore relationships of physical electronic sound. The event will start promptly at 7PM and is free with museum admission (which is pay-what-you-want on Friday evenings). The Whitney is my favorite museum and I feel so privileged to perform in that space, and on the leap year!

It was incredible. Amazing. A series of violins opened for the first composition, playing along to his music (he sat in the front row, conducting) which eventually exploded into blippy wonderfulness.

Then came a percussion set, and finally Tristan on furiously fast piano (my forearms ached just watching it).

My jaw was on the floor for this entire thing, and I was so, so so proud of him. The place was packed and he looked pretty giddy. I can't wait to see more of his stuff.
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