19 July 2011

Starkey - Lost In Space

I sadly don't usually read my GBH emails all the way through and click on every single link - it's usually more of a skimming for parties. But when I do click on every video and MP3, I'm rarely disappointed. GBH emails led me to this priceless gem a little while ago, and today was no different. When I started listening, I got into a very nostalgic, summer 2005 mood because it sounds a lot like Hide & Seek. Then the pace picks up a little and the visuals get more dreamy (space aesthetics are oddly present these days).

About halfway through, the thing explodes into a mass of heat and pressure and not being able to breathe. Picture post-rock meets electro. It's like getting rear ended by a car made of fire.

I'll stop typing now. Watch!
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