27 April 2010

Pick One

When it comes to little Internet thingies that get tweeted or blogged like crazy, I usually get bored in about 10 seconds. Here's one that held me for quite a while though: Pick One. There is nothing to explain, really: Two words show up on your screen, and you click on one of them. And repeat. As much as you want.

This is probably not unique to me at all, but when faced with either-or choices, my initial gut reflex is to frame the two options as being on opposite ends of a continuum. So you can imagine how amusing these were:

Here were the toughest ones for me:

(I'm not a socialist creep, I just have issues in the mornings)

And the easiest:

The more I clicked on choices, the more I started framing my decisions in different ways. If it was a tough decision, I framed the two as, "Which one would I miss the most if it went away?" and "What would be a comforting alternative if I lost X?" Images of flying to Tokyo to save music and switching to the Wall Street Journal to keep eating cheeseburgers came to mind. Then I started thinking about what an interesting personality test this website would make. What do you think?

EDIT | Prominent blogger Eric Tabone just informed me that this site is something like 3 years old. Good, I was starting to think that I was actually up on things for once!
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