08 July 2013

Mapping the brain

I got an email a couple of months ago from a girl called Allison Morris, who stumbled upon my post on muscle memory and piano playing. She recently worked on an interactive piece that teaches you about the different parts and functions of the brain in a quick and fun infographic:

I spent a few minutes clicking around and the sound bites are really fun. My favorites: That there is activity in the occipital lobe (which handles vision) when blind people read braille, even though they aren't visually reading. That the hippocampus (the part of your brain that controls memory) is bigger than average in a London taxi driver's brain, "because complex spatial information is stored here (such as a spiderweb of roads)." There's also really interesting stuff about what happens in your brain when you hear voices as a schizophrenic, how the brains of musicians and multilingual people are different, etc. Take a few and click around. Super fun.

Also, if you haven't, click through to read about the BRAIN initiative - a research initiative to map the activity of every single neuron in the brain ("almost 100 billion neurons making trillions of connections") o_o

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