31 May 2006

I cook.

When school is done for good and all I have to do are make a 2nd portfolio and get a job, I have a lot of time. So, what do I do? Fill my time with a different type of creativity.

27 May 2006

the Omni's SensoryAdvisoryBoard

For someone who loves sensual experiences so much and is a huge fan of synesthesia, the Omni Hotels are the perfect destinations. They have recently created a "Sensory Advisory Board" and have begun to transform their hotels into completely sensory environments. They speak of pomegranate lip balm, mohito jellybeans, scents of lemongrass and green tea, lavender-misted pillows and bedsheets, etc. sounds delicious. I should find out if the Omni here has put this into effect yet, and then book a night there. Would that be odd?

26 May 2006

Memorial Day Weekend, those idiot marketers and Breakfast on Pluto

1. One of my best friends asked me tonight what my plans are for the weekend. NOTHING! I haven't been able to say that in a long time. I mean, I will e-mail as many agencies as I can. I will also go to a coffee shop with one of my summer reading books, maybe I'll write, maybe I'll take photos. I am excited. I can't get into Adcenter to start printing out my new book, because, well, my after-hours card wouldn't work anymore, because I am no longer a student. eek, creepy to say that.

2. I just read something terribly disturbing in Adweek. A survey was sent to marketers all over the country; while they are aware of how rapidly technology and the digital landscape are changing, they aren't planning to take advantage of it at all. Look at these statistics:

  • 72% do not plan to use advergaming in the next year
  • Mobile marketing is used by 11% of respondents, 57% of whom say they do not plan to try it in the next year.
  • 13% reported using blogs or social networks in marketing, and 49% said they had no plans to do so in the next year.

    alarming. all of it. Video on mobile phones is going to be at 36 million by 2009. I know they read these stats. Maybe it's that they think that this technology exploding in all directions is the future. wrong. It's the now. Take advantage. This is where your consumers are. Speak to them there. One of the several reasons for why I admire R/GA so much.

    3. I saw Breakfast on Pluto today. I had Netflixed it without even knowing what it was about. It's a wonderful Irish movie about family and friendship and incredible journies. It's kind of a cross between Almost Famous and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. kind of. My love of androgyny was definitely fed. I recommend it. 4 out of 5 stars. beautiful music, too.
  • 25 May 2006


    For someone who loves and values food so much, I don't switch it up too much when I eat at home.

    01. cereal
    02. soup (includes ramen noodles)
    03. kettle corn
    04. egg sandwiches (egg, cheese, Sriracha)
    05. toast with cherry preserves
    06. pita with hummus
    07. fruit, sometimes
    08. pasta, rarely
    09. lite yogurt
    10. raw leeks

    um, that's it. drinks?

    1. Diet Coke
    2. water
    3. Emer-Gen'C
    4. Red Bull, occassionally
    5. English Breakfast tea
    6. coffee

    I need to expand. any suggestions? I need easy things.

    24 May 2006

    recruiter session

    Over seventy recruiters are here today. We used a ranking system to pick our top fifteen choices, and they did the same... apprently the computer program matches everybody up in 30-minute slots based on everybody's preferences. The funny part is that it's software that was developed for sorority rush at UVA, so instead of choosing "recruiters" that we like, we choose "sororities" that we like. "DON'T change your gender to male if you're a guy," they said to us, "Or you'll be kicked out of the system."

    22 May 2006

    class of 2006

    I am officially a Master.

    I am also officially unemployed, now.

    hire me.

    18 May 2006

    wow. hello. hi. Here I am.

    I have been scarce as of late, because I was finishing my fourth and final semester at the Adcenter. It's been insanely hectic, and I've stayed up all night a few times. I finished my portfolio and survived portfolio review.

    Here is my portfolio (I handed that one in, so I have to make an entirely new one now).

    Here is a snapshot of what I had to bring to portfolio review (I also brought several bound documents, some data CDs and a laptop to show my Kodak video brief).

    I wrote soul-bearing entries on my Myspace blog about both experiences. I am a little emotionally drained, to say the least.

    hm, what else is going on. For a while, there was a large possibility that I would be moving to London, but that is not the case now, for reasons I will not go into. But, during the three months when I was considering it, I began to really notice the differences between the two cultures. It's fascinating. For instance, I always knew that tea was the thing to drink in the UK, but didn't know that coffee was so scarce. I guess being bombarded by coffee shops on every corner in Richmond and New York, and the global proliferation of Starbucks successfully clouded my objectivity.

    Russell Davies maintains a blog about coffee houses he goes to, called a good place for a cup of tea and a think. I read it religiously, because I go to as many as I can as well, and take photos and notice the people and surroundings and service, etc. But the following line made me really realize the difference here: Thinking back I think this might actually be coffee. (I was trying to stay awake.) But that's not the point. It was served with care and attention. That's the point. heh.

    06 May 2006

    virtual hugging

    This might possibly be the cutest thing I've heard of all month. Well, it's only the 6th, so I bet it is.

    There is a new technology that involves a jacket and a doll. One person (or pet) wears the jacket, and the other person gets the doll. Whenever the doll-holder wants to express affection, it pets or hugs the doll, and the person wearing the jacket feels the pet or hug. I should buy one of these for my boyfriend, since he tours so much I only see him for about 7 days out of the month.

    02 May 2006

    for the body and soul.

    For the past couple of weeks, I have gotten these... raw leek attacks. I will crave raw leeks, and eat them over and over until my stomach burns. I wonder what is in leeks that my body was/is lacking.

    Yesterday Nicole called me. She almost yelled "Where are you?!" I thought I had missed a date with her. She told me that she had to see me "right now" because she had something for me. She sounded so excited and agitated, some of the things she said were "I'm sorry, I'm feeling really extreme!" and "I'm so sorry, this is so dumb, you have to meet me and get in my car. Patrick can come too, but he has to stand outside because there is no room."

    I couldn't wait to see! I wondered if she had gotten a tattoo. Gotten me a kitty. What could it be?

    I got into her car, and she started pulling ALL THESE TOYS out from her bag. We had a toy-opening party! She must have spent SO much money, because they are all imported from Asia.

    They are SO CUTE. She is probably the only person that would do something like this. She kept going "Don't say anything! Shut up! I don't know what happened! I couldn't stop!"

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