29 July 2008

Origami bookmarks

Back when I asked everyone what they used as a bookmark, my friend Shanna mentioned origami bookmarks that her husband knew how to make. Recently, she learned how to make them herself and sent me an envelope full of them!

Japanese bookmarks

I really admire Japanese craftsmanship and the incredibly varied patterns of paper that are used for origami. Aren't they beautiful?

Japanese bookmarks

Shanna was also generous enough to include some vintage photographs that she knew I had an interest for; including a tintype (which I had never heard of or seen prior to this – they have the coolest feel and sound when you clink them down onto a table)!

Antique photographs

A million thanks go out to Shanna for these treasures. I would never have guessed that you had just learned how to make the bookmarks – they're perfect.
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